Independence day: A political satire on Afghanistan now

As Afghanistan celebrates its Independence Day (August 18), amid uncertainty over the start of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government

Afghanistan Before Taliban

Before the arrival of the Taliban, Afghanistan was no less than any European country.  But that old-time has become just a dream for today’s people.  And the picture ahead is even darker.

Today the whole world is looking at Afghanistan with pity.  Almost every woman in the world is expressing concern about those Afghan women who had just started spreading their wings to fly.  The Taliban, which was ousted from power in 2001 by NATO forces under the leadership of America, now after 20 years, once again a large part of the country has come under its control.  And the Taliban have started enforcing cruel laws in the areas they occupied.  In which a deep burden of restrictions has been imposed on women.  They have asked to submit the list of girls above 15 years and widowed women below 45 years of age.

Afghanistan Crisis:

Taliban occupied the whole of Afghanistan, President and Vice President fled the country. Taliban militants entered the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday.  Amid intermittent firing in Kabul, a Taliban spokesman said they await a peaceful transfer of power.  Meanwhile, there is news that the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, and the Vice President have had to leave the country.  The Taliban said, “No one’s life, property, honor will be harmed and the lives of the citizens of Kabul will not be in danger.” Apart from Kabul, Jalalabad was the only major city that survived Taliban occupation.  It is situated near a major border with Pakistan.

Taliban put forward agenda to form the government

After capturing Afghanistan, the Taliban has now started setting the agenda of their government.  A Taliban official has announced that they have decided to offer a common apology to all civilians. It has been said by the Taliban that it will also include women in its government, as well as it does not want women to become victims of any kind of violence.

However, the Taliban has not yet opened the cards on how and under what formula the new Taliban government will be formed in Afghanistan.  The Taliban says that our leadership will be completely Islamic and all sections will get a place.

Crisis on the future of women and children

This statement has been given by the Taliban at a time when many types of concerns are being raised about the future of women and children in Afghanistan.  With the advent of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, many changes are taking place in different parts of the country.

On the walls or on the hoarding boards where there are pictures of women, people themselves are applying color to them.  Because according to the rules of the Taliban, it is necessary for women to wear the hijab.  A few days ago, the Taliban had indicated that Sharia law would apply in Afghanistan.

Afghan women first got the freedom to vote in 1919.  That is, a year after women were given the right to vote in Britain. And a year ago women were allowed to vote in the United States.  The purdah system was abolished in the 1960s.  Also a new constitution brought equality in many areas of life including political participation.  But during the coups in the 1970s and the Soviet occupation, conflict broke out between Mujahideen groups and government forces in the 80s and 90s.  Then Taliban terror set in and women’s rights were swiftly taken away from women in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Women’s Rights Before Taliban).  The Taliban even ended human rights for women.  Discrimination started with them everywhere.  Being born as a girl here became the biggest crime. 

 The Taliban implemented Islamic Sharia law and introduced new rules for women and girls (Afghanistan Before and After Taliban).  For example, there was a ban on going to school and studying, a ban on working, a ban on leaving the house without a male partner, a ban on showing any part of the body in public places, and a ban on getting treatment from a male doctor.  Women were forbidden to work, so it became impossible for women to get healthcare. Women could neither engage in politics nor speak in public.  In the last 20 years after the elimination of the Taliban, women had made their mark in politics by increasing numbers, but now they are once again forced to go back to those old dark days (Taliban Control of Afghanistan).  The Taliban has completely established control over the northern and southern parts. 

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